Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What Learners Want – Part 4 – The ‘momentum’

If you haven’t read this series to date, it may be worthwhile doing so in order to set some context.

Having decided upon a pre-survey marketing campaign, we accepted that despite our best efforts to promote the survey that it would inevitably be ‘lost‘, ‘missed‘ or just ‘forgotten about‘ by many people, so we needed a plan to maintain the momentum of the marketing campaign…

During our planning stages of this survey the team that worked with me on it decided that it was critical for us to communicate the results (I used the word ‘results‘ lightly as the in-depth analysis would not take place until after the survey had closed) throughout the survey as well as some immediate stats upon completion. We were also resolute that we would not gloss over any critical or developmental feedback and would ensure that it was shown within any results/stats and not ‘buried’ beneath any overtly positive feedback.

Here’s what we did:

At the end of each week, I created a simple animation. The animation ran for a calendar week on our internal TV screens and was communicated via our internal emagazine, intranet, collaborative platform groups, blogs etc as well as being played at the start of as many meetings as possible in order to stir up discussion and debate around the survey.

The purpose of the animations  was twofold:

To act as a method of being able to communicate some basic stats/comments that people had made. It was incredibly important to us that people could see that somebody was reading the survey submissions and wasn’t afraid to show comments/feedback that others may have felt were risque.To act as a reminder/prompt for those who hadn’t undertaken the survey. The last frame contains a link to the survey itself.

Week 1

Upon completion of Week 2

Upon completion of Week 3

Upon completion of Week 4

Upon completion of Week 5 (the survey closed at this point)

In my next blog post, I’ll go into the data/findings that the survey provided us and how we plan to use it.

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