Sunday, May 25, 2014

Great feedback – Great progress!

Several weeks ago I had the good fortune of being invited by Nick Lee to facilitate a couple of CPD sessions for members of University Hospital Southampton’s L&D team and a number of ‘leads’ and SMEs from around the organisation.

We agreed upon a session that would challenge the attendees perception as to what ‘elearning’ was, with a focus on achieving the realisation that it could be (and is) so much more than ‘self paced, click next’ modules.

The session involved a number of activities including conversation, debate, self-directed research and modelling of good practice with me using a range of technologies within the physical classroom environment.

As always with these sorts of sessions, they concluded with a general sense of positivity and implied ‘actions’ that people would take away, however as an external facilitator it’s often difficult to ever get a sense of whether your session had any real impact on people or whether they were just being polite.

That uncertainty is why I was incredibly chuffed to see this series of tweets from Nick Lee appear just a few days after the sessions took place.


If you’d like to keep tabs with how Nick is getting on with this you can always follow him on Twitter and/or his blog.

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