Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10 Resources on Creating your Own Learning Game

I hope you all enjoyed our previous post (our very own infographic: “Quick Guide to Developing a Learning Simulation”).  I thought I’d follow up this week by sharing with you a list of resources to help you further in designing and developing your own learning game.  The resources cover cognitive flow, feedback loops, making games engaging, common usability testing mistakes and so on.  The list is obviously not exhaustive and some of the more academic papers may warrant something closer to ‘skim reading’, but these are just some of the best and most useful articles, papers etc. that I have found.  The first one is particularly interesting and definitely worth a read. Cognitive Flow: The Psychology of Great Game Design Improving The Way We Design Games for Learning by Examining How Popular Video Games Teach Learning Game Design Series, Part 1: Play and Evaluate Games Creating Flow, Motivation, & Fun in Learning Games Designing Learning Games That Don’t Suck Designing Mobile Games For Engagement and Learning Games For Learning ‘Narrative’ in Serious or Learning Game Design Research Feedback Loops in Games and Learning Five Common Mistakes in Game Usability Testing and How to Avoid Them 
And for good measure, you might want to have a read of our post “Three ‘Games Based Learning’ Development Tools Explored”, if you are thinking about developing your own learning game.

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