Tuesday, June 17, 2014

“My favourite elearning interaction is”….

…. was one of the questions that was posed by Saffron Interactive at their stand during Learning Technologies 2011.

It was a novel idea to capture exhibition visitors ideas around certain L&D topics by asking them to pick a question from a list of questions which included:

Mobile LearningSocial learningFavourite elearning interactionsEffective compliance training

point a Flip camera at them and ask them to answer it.

Simple, quick and effective!

Anyway, here’s my response

Which leads me to ask….

What are your fave elearning interactions?

Are you so passionately opposed to elearning that there is no possible interaction that would float your boat?

Do you have simple tastes and would be happy with any interaction?

Why not let me know in the comments box below?

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